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I'd been gripped by some sort of nostalgia for Fearless, so I was looking for information on Google about the Fearless FBI series. And, I stumbled upon a message board, which scared me, because in the character discussions, I encountered things like:

"But really they both luv her, she just makes it so difficult 4 them that she presumes they h8 her"

I really wish I was making this up. It makes me wonder why people go out of their way to spell things wrong the way they do. I haven't seen anyone deliberately misspell things like that since I was in fifth grade and everyone had usernames on AOL like "1c3sk8r230". I really didn't think people spelled things like that anymore. Or maybe they have been all along and I've just been lulled into a false sense of security since I no longer actively seek them out to mock anymore. Oh, how my brain hurts.

Also, something that happened in school this week: Chaminade cancelled their prom recently, so my history teacher, who reads the announcements after classes culminate, and she said, since we have a dance coming up, or something, to "go get them" (which I found hilariously out of place, because it's this woman, probably old enough to be my grandmother, telling us to "go get them"). Apparently, someone from Kellenburg heard about this, so this boy writes an e-mail to the school, and the principal found it hilarious, so she showed my history teacher, who relayed the tale of the e-mail to my class, which basically chastised our school for discriminating against Kellenburg guys, apparently, and that Kellenburg guys, too, can go out with "Secret Heart" girls (wtf, we're SACRED Heart girls). She also noted that the e-mail was ridden with grammatical and punctuation errors, and she had been contemplating a response, stating she wouldn't encourage it until Kellenburg guys "reached the educational caliber of our girls". I thought that was hilarious.
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