cee oh two (weirded) wrote in anti_illiteracy,
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I was in Times Square with Alex today, and I saw two Doritos billboards which gave me a strong urge to hurl rocks at it update in this community.

One stated, "Get 2 no Jack", referring to a new flavor of their product. Instead of inciting me to immediately run to a store and purchase it, it caused me to feel that Doritos should get to know a dictionary and correct their mistakes.

Another stated, "Get coolr", and I told Alex, who also witnessed the horror of the ad, "More like, get an 'e' and put it in between the l and the r."

It's so sad that Doritos thinks that by catering to horrible grammar and spelling, they can get more people to eat their chips (which don't even taste that great to begin with).

By the way, Mikey inspired me to update.
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