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anti_illiteracy's Journal

Smite the illiterate
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Do you hate it when people "tAwK LyK dIs"? Do you cringe when people make words plural using a "z" instead of the "s" it should be? Are you disgusted by the sloth of people who can't even be bothered to put two more letters in the word "you"? Are you baffled to find that numbers are being integrated into the twenty-six letter alphabet you thought you knew so well?

If so, then this is the community for you.

No real rules, just acknowledge that:

+ It's not exactly a good idea to join if you're unable to form a complete, legible sentence.
+ This community does not enforce or promote the harassing of illiterates, but you're more than welcome to. ;)
+ Nobody's perfect and people make typos. Deal with it in a way that doesn't involve flaming other members.

Join today and get a free spork for bashing illiterates! >D

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