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Pedantic and proud of it

My name's Jen and I'm new to this whole business - still quite shocked that so many other people listed 'spelling correctly' as one of their interests, actually!! Anyway, that's how I found you guys. Kindred spirits!
I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to spelling/ grammar/ punctuation. Probably too many to list. A lot of my friends used to give me their essays to proofread, but they won't do that any more since they know I'm quite likely to go through it with a red pen and cross half of it out. Mispunctuation is a big pet hate. Why do people use commas instead of full stops? I don't mind ellipsis in things like emails that take a more 'stream of consciousness' style, but I do really object to that. And why don't people take the time to read through what they've written and correct the typos? I'm not talking about the odd one, but about pages and pages of mistakes where they just haven't read what they've written. Why do they rely on the spellcheck? Even newspapers do it!!
The way I see it, we have rules so we can follow them, and systems of punctuation etc. so we can use them. Some people seem to think that makes me a bad person. But language is a method of communication, and I see no point in not using the things put in place to make that communication as clear as possible. When I talk to my sister online, I have to literally decode everything she says into normal English - add vowels, insert commas, de-abbreviate, substitute words for numbers, read it aloud to work out her bizarre phonetic spelling etc. The worst thing is that she thinks this is fine. Her friends can understand her, so she doesn't think she needs to learn how to punctuate or how to spell. And her school doesn't correct her mistakes, so how is she expected to learn what is and isn't acceptable?
Sorry that this has turned into such a major rant! Everyone else tells me to shut up and stop being pedantic!!
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